At Fife Creamery we have long since understood the sensitivity and responsibility that comes with delivering and receiving thousands of fresh foods on a daily basis. Such is Fife Creamery’s desire to keep ahead of this fundamental aspect of the operation; we have chosen to invest considerable sums in a genuine Quality Systems Management Team.

Fife Creamery requires all of it’s manufacturers to meet highly demanding food safety specifications at the very beginning of product sourcing. The systems that have been painstakingly assembled have earned the company premier status accreditation with STS (the NHS auditing body).

Food safety is one of the defining issues of the modern day food industry and Fife Creamery embraces this philosophy completely. Our aim is to procure quality products and then keep them food safe throughout the life cycle of their journey from manufacturer to end user.

Quality Guarantees:

  • Premier Status approval STS – NHS auditing body
  • Total product traceability
  • Full manufacturer microbiological specs
  • Chill to chill loading/docking bays
  • State of the art satellite tracking systems
  • Full time quality management department